Will clients remain God ?


In client servicing setup, most of the thoughts, actions and deliveries are typically driven by a deep rooted belief that the clients are God and must be serviced to achieve their highest satisfaction. In principle, this is a brilliant attitude and all efforts must be aligned to attain clients’ delight. Interestingly, even with this noble approach coupled with ‘going an extra mile’ efforts, the management of servicing team still experiences good number of dissatisfied customers.   In such circumstances, it is quite common to find an unhappy client and also a demoralized and burnt out delivery or vendor team. A lose lose situation.

Besides visible inefficient delivery and client management factors for such deadlocks, perceived  positioning of clients, indirectly but significantly influences these situations. Overburdened and subdued by clients’ God like perception, a servicing team tend to work in Master and Slave framework. This self imposed notion restricts the team from setting correct expectations, pushing unrealistic and unreasonable demands, negotiating appropriate resources such as time and fee and sometimes educating the clients as well. In other words, this mind set is the onset of underperformance in achieving clients’ delight. In order to develop a sustaining and successful relationship, it is critical not to succumb to unrealistic expectations and if required assert for a common play field. It is in the interest of both parties to commit for doable and don’t promise something not achievable. This can only be done with clear communication, equal treatment and shift from ‘Customer is always right’ thought process.

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Rupesh Khare

Rupesh has an extensive, around 18 years, experience in Consulting and Strategic Analytics. The experience spans into multiple domains such as HR Analytics, Pharmaceutical and Non Life Insurance (Actuarial- Property and Casualty). In this journey, he majorly worked with HSBC, Aon Hewitt, marketRx and XL Group. He is currently pursuing one year full time Sloan’s Master in Leadership and Strategy at London Business School, London. Prior to this, he has an integrated MBA (Finance) from IBS Ahmedabad and M Tech (Mining Engineering) from IIT Kharagpur.