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  • Let Competition not hijack your Analytics Strategy

    “Since I have not gone to the moon, doesn’t mean that Neil Armstrong has not already gone there” was my response to a group of audience which was contemplating on the application of analytics in heavy industry and also the success stories from the early movers. The deliberation was to sense the size of the […]

  • Opportunityisnowhere

    James Chalmers, Head of Assurance, PwC (UK) fetched a smile on our faces when during his presentation, he flashed the topic of this blog post in a PowerPoint slide. No surprises that some of us read this ambigram, innovated by Chritopher Uhl, as “Opportunity is nowhere” while a few as “Opportunity is now here”. This […]

  • Role of Analytics in Strategy Formulation

    “What is Strategy and how would you explain this to your nine year old child” asked Prof Jessica Spungin in the first lecture on Strategy. While she was highlighting the importance of “Keep It Simple”, I was pondering the possible explanation to Aayu, my daughter who is passionate about sketching and painting.I figured out that […]

  • Lets redefine participants in Management

    A few days back I was addressing a set of audience and discussing who management was. The genesis of this discussion was my observations during multiple conversations where people highlighted some situations holding “management” responsible. Indeed the leadership must assume the responsibility especially for the things didn’t go well however in broader sense, I always […]

  • Strategy Making: Know your Comma!

    My friends, particularly associated with print media, share the instances highlighting the criticality of the positioning of a Comma. They stress that how an incorrect placement twists the message. This is understandable as I could always see an application of this thought in corporate context especially in the conversations around corporate strategy. Quite often I […]

  • I have a question?

    Most of the Corporate meetings are quiet and one way communication.  Typically the Chairperson presents while the rest either remain silent or push minimal discussion forward. In absence of active participation and inputs from various attendees, the outcomes of such interactions are not encouraging. This culture adversely impacts the decision making of the organizations and […]

  • Leadership Integrity ?

    Integrity is one of the most important values that a leader must possess. Ironically, in the older times we had a lot of good leaders and no books on leadership. Gandhi and Martin Luther King remain undisputed top names from the long list of leaders with integrity.  Leadership was then a derivative of man’s character, moral values […]