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  • Let Competition not hijack your Analytics Strategy

    “Since I have not gone to the moon, doesn’t mean that Neil Armstrong has not already gone there” was my response to a group of audience which was contemplating on the application of analytics in heavy industry and also the success stories from the early movers. The deliberation was to sense the size of the […]

  • Analytics and Law Firms : An affair in air

    Many of my friends and clients in the legal sector have been asking about analytics and the impact they have on decision making. The interest in this topic has noticeably increased in recent years. I’ve noticed lately that there’s been some needle movement in successfully embracing data-driven culture and application of analytics in some leading […]

  • Behavioural Component of Talent Management

    Talent Analytics, particularly through its strategic and predictive components, identifies various drivers which influence decision making on talent development and its retention. In corporate context, leaders who consciously invest in managing talent, typically consider performance, demographic and behavioural indicators in their analysis. Quite often, in this exercise, performance and demographic indicators assume leading role and […]

  • Role of Analytics in Strategy Formulation

    “What is Strategy and how would you explain this to your nine year old child” asked Prof Jessica Spungin in the first lecture on Strategy. While she was highlighting the importance of “Keep It Simple”, I was pondering the possible explanation to Aayu, my daughter who is passionate about sketching and painting.I figured out that […]

  • Will clients remain God ?

    In client servicing setup, most of the thoughts, actions and deliveries are typically driven by a deep rooted belief that the clients are God and must be serviced to achieve their highest satisfaction. In principle, this is a brilliant attitude and all efforts must be aligned to attain clients’ delight. Interestingly, even with this noble […]

  • Big Data Analytics in Financial Services

    With growing application of analytics in business, the accuracy of the insights directly impacts the decision making and hence the growth of that business. Most of the industrial setup successfully function with reasonably accurate insights derived from sample data from their operations. However industries such as Banking, Insurance, Investment Banking and Foreign Exchange, because of […]

  • Analytics through Client’s Eyes

      In Analytics Consulting, its quite common to observe a gap in stakeholders’ expectations from the analytical end product and the actual delivery by the consulting team. This gap is evident during   divergent discussions between them.  I have been a part of various such meetings and witnessed a war of words on analytical explanations to […]