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  • Will clients remain God ?

    In client servicing setup, most of the thoughts, actions and deliveries are typically driven by a deep rooted belief that the clients are God and must be serviced to achieve their highest satisfaction. In principle, this is a brilliant attitude and all efforts must be aligned to attain clients’ delight. Interestingly, even with this noble […]

  • Leadership Integrity ?

    Integrity is one of the most important values that a leader must possess. Ironically, in the older times we had a lot of good leaders and no books on leadership. Gandhi and Martin Luther King remain undisputed top names from the long list of leaders with integrity.  Leadership was then a derivative of man’s character, moral values […]

  • Big Data Analytics in Financial Services

    With growing application of analytics in business, the accuracy of the insights directly impacts the decision making and hence the growth of that business. Most of the industrial setup successfully function with reasonably accurate insights derived from sample data from their operations. However industries such as Banking, Insurance, Investment Banking and Foreign Exchange, because of […]

  • Analytics through Client’s Eyes

      In Analytics Consulting, its quite common to observe a gap in stakeholders’ expectations from the analytical end product and the actual delivery by the consulting team. This gap is evident during   divergent discussions between them.  I have been a part of various such meetings and witnessed a war of words on analytical explanations to […]